November 2021

COP 26

November was such a busy month. I really didn’t think I would be having much to do with COP26. All the reports had been to stay away from the city and I thought let’s hope all my jobs are outside Glasgow. However all that quickly changed. I ended up working for an English, a Canadian and the United Arab Emirates clients for the rest of the two weeks.

It was an amazing scene with all the people from all round the world. We had an amazing day on UAE stand where Bill Gates and Senator John Kerry joined Dr Sultan Al Jabber. The picture made the The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi.

The article can be read here in this link.

The people were all lovely and the talks were all really interesting and eye opening. We had the Brazil stand across from us and they had some really colourful visitors. We met the guy at the top of the page who looked amazing. He did make it into the pages of a few newspapers.

City of Glasgow College Graduations

It was so nice to see more graduations at my old college The City of Glasgow College. We were back in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. I met some cool students who had some colourful hairstyles. The venue looked amazing as it was all dressed for the event.

Windswept & Interesting

I was so delighted when I got a call from Billy Connolly’s publisher regarding his new book Windswept & Interesting. They wanted to use my picture of Billy with the giant mural of the John Byrne painting in Glasgow near the King Street Car Park. They sent me a copy of the book, which I am reading at the moment.

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