June 2022

Sunset on Another Year

I do look forward to our trips to Tiree. It always makes for some super landscape and wildlife pictures. There is one spot I will rush off too. The beach at Sunset from Balevullin is a great spot to sit at. With the long summer evenings my sunset didn’t come until nearly 11pm.

Looking Up at the Arc

Just before the Covid lockdown of 2020 I was up on the roof of the structure that was being built within the University of Glasgow near the site of the former Western Infirmary. Two years and three months later I had the pleasure of covering the official opening of the Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre or the ARC Building as it has become known. It’s amazing looking inside. I was photographing the Chancellor of the University of Glasgow Dame Katharine Grainger, and Tawona Sithole, the UESCO Poet in Residence. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the fantastic lights.

Skylark IX Day of Stories

It was ne of the warmest days of June that I was down at the Sottish Maritime Museum’s, Denny Tank at Dumbarton. The Skylark Recovery Project was having a Year of Stories event to celebrate all that had been accomplished in the last year throughout the Lockdowns of 2020-21. They achieved some great things for service users and the community. Including delivering a programme of VE Day and Dunkirk commemorative activities, teaching people in recovery how to build boats and bringing creative crafting activity to people at home with our Skylark Lockdown Patchwork Quilt. One of the boatbuilders who I photographed on the day was Jae Bradley the Boatbuilding Project Leader. Jae has been teaching the boat building with skills he learned from the The GalGael Trust. I loved his cool hair, colourful jumper and boots.

There was a great picture of the whole team at the end of the day. What a super bunch. I have really enjoyed sharing their year.

Sunset on Another Year

Jojo Gnome at Tiree Primary School

When we were on Tiree , my better half Jo Hall, visited Tiree Primary to do a story workshop based around maths and numbers for Primary 1. The children enjoyed JoJo Gnome number stories, met Ella the Elf who is a whizz at maths and did some dancing with Robyn the Counting Robot. The children also worked with Jo on their own counting stories, in both English and Gaelic. Check them out at http://www.jojognome.com. The story made The Herald, The Oban Times and the local An Tirisdeach newspaper too.

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