Film, Television & Theatre Photography

The theatre and performing arts has always been a passion of mine, ever since my student days working at The Tron Theatre in Glasgow. I find watching the drama and intensity of an actor in full flow can make a really amazing photograph. TV and film sets are also  fascinating experiences. Watching what goes on, how the lights are set, the backgrounds etc. There also can be portraits to be had…


Photography for Business

Business photography is one of the most exciting areas of my working day. The heart of any business is its people. For Martin Shields Photography it’s about finding out what makes a person who they are, how they shape their business and how their business shapes them. Whether it’s a factory, a blue chip company or a one-person operation I focus all my attention on how I can…

Martin Shields

The Story So Far I have been working in the media business since 1988 after leaving The Glasgow College of Building & Printing where I studied photography for six years… yes, I did enjoy the college experience. After a short stint freelancing I started as a staff photographer with the Evening Times on April Fools’ Day on 1991. I think they were telling me something. These days I work for…


February 2017 All Light Now This year I treated myself to new studio lights that I can use outdoors as well as inside . They are Elinchrome Quadra Action which sound a dramatic and exiting. Maybe I should have used that in my business plan. Somehow  ‘Martin Shields Quadra Action’ does not have a great ring to it. My first assignment with them was photographing the…

Edith Bowman, Sunday Herald Life Magazine

  I had the great pleasure of photographing Radio 1 DJ and broadcaster Edith Bowman at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The beautiful light coming in the windows and the chequered floor made a great location for the shoot. I used a small light set up with a flash and umbrella to add some fill in to balance the light coming in from the window…

Stag Overlooks Loch Tulla


Life Out On The Road When I am out and about I love to photograph landscapes. The natural scenery and changing light never ceases to amaze me. It is something which I have no control over and I like that. You cannot persuade the sun to come out or stop the rain. It is  just a case of watch and see what happens and…

Nelson Mandela memorial

News & Politics

Photographing The News  News and political events can be unpredictable, things can move in a way that you would not expect. I think we always have to behave with dignity and respect when dealing with people that have been involved in a news story. Sometimes international incidents also have a local angle. The image above was one of the tributes at the Tron Church in Glasgow when Nelson Mandela died….

Electric Gardens at the Botanic Gardens


Assignments in Feature Photography My absolutly favourite type of work is work in feature photography. There is nothing I like better than working on a subject where the whole purpose is to get the subject looking just perfect to promote a magazine article, an event or even a product. The image above was to promote Electric Gardens, part of the West End Festival in Glasgow.



The sports sections of newspapers can be as important as the news pages. Often readers will turn to the back pages before they have even looked at the headline on the front page. When the Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow it gave us the opportunity to look at other sports apart from football which tends to fill the Scottish papers. Even the London Olympics…

Letters Page / Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day in The Herald & Evening Times One of my favourite when I was working full time at The Herald was helping with the picture of the day. Readers would send in their photographs from around Scotland to be used on the letters page. I was often taken aback with the quality of the images that are sent in. These next scenes are a…