October 2021

Getting a lift to the Usher Hall in James Bond’s Aston Martin

I am a fan of old cool cars. I have always loved the look and shape of them. I once, pre-children,  had an old MGB which was a bit of an old banger with no heater, a leaky cloth roof and smelt vaguely of petrol and oil. So imagine my delight when I was asked to come along and photograph RSNO musicians Dávur Juul Magnussen and Emily Nenniger at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh who were arriving in style after hitching a lift in James Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5. They were there to promote the RSNO who were  performing classic Bond movie tunes for an evening, which celebrated the the new James Bond film coming to cinemas and a return to live music at concert halls. The car worth over a million was stunning. I would have been too scared to drive it round the busy Edinburgh streets.

Time For a Cuppa at COP26

With everything gearing up for COP26 I was down at the Glasgow Science Centre, which was known as the Green Zone for a picture with Ewan Reid M.D of top coffee guys Matthew Algie. They were supplying the coffee to be served  to delegates attending the COP 26 summit. 

Thirty cases of triple certified Darwin coffee were supplied ensuring world leaders and delegates can enjoy 25,000 cups during the two weeks of the summit.  I photographed Ewan with one of his trusty baristas against the brilliant backdrop of the  IMAX cinema with its new green planted exterior. The bamboo and blue sky really gave it that tropical feel.

As someone who was at COP26  every day of the fortnight I was very grateful for my cups of coffee to keep me going.

A Bat Out of Hell

I visited the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow recently, although having been in Hard Rock restaurants in other countries I had never been in our local one. I am still off the chips, so had to settle for a lovely coffee. Four  of the cast, of Bat Out of Hell the  musical, were performing some of the songs from the show at the venue. What a performance, they really got the lunch time crowd going. I photographed them outside with iconic Buchanan Street in the background. The cast were such good fun.

COP26 Dram

I had the pleasure of photographing The COP26 limited edition Scotch Whisky created by the Scotch Whisky Industry. It had been blended and bottled just a stones throw from the COP26 site in Glasgow and was comprised of whiskies produced at 26 distilleries across Scotland’s five Whisky regions. The 900 hand crafted bottles had been produced using sustainable materials. The bottle is made of recycled glass, stoppered with a cork made of an innovative, fully recyclable mix of wood and cork dust. The label is made from recycled plant fibres, including barley, with the carton produced from 100% recycled materials.