September 2022

Hello Halloween

I love halloween, not the scary movie part but the dooking for apples, getting dressed up and pumpkins. Every year I look forward to a trip to Arnprior Farm, Scotland’s premier pumpkin patch. All geared up for  Halloween 2022 they had a new a one of a kind new addition. As well as the usual bumper crop of over 15,000 pumpkins, this year, the team unveilied Scotland’s only pumpkin vending machine. Farmer Rebecca McEwen showed me how easy it is to use and the hot chocolate and coffee machine just as the side of it. It’s ideal for someone like me who doesn’t want to get all muddy. I know the kids love mud but not me so much.

The View From Space

Another great attraction for Halloween is super show from Space Invasion from Childrens Classic Concerts. I had a great visit to the Glasgow Science Centre with presenter Owen Gunnell who was joined by RSNO musicians Luis Eisen on bassoon and Janet Richardson on flute. The trio in their space suits really made me smile. The shows are playing the the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Having a Drink with Cher

All of my life I have been listening to the music of Cher. Not always at home on the hifi but hearing her on the radio, TV and the movies. Some amazing tracks. I was pleased to cover the press launch for the Cher show at Delmonica’s bar in Glasgow. 
Debbie Kurup , Millie O’Connell and Danielle Steers all play the pop icon at different stages of her career, They were great posing for the photographs ahead of their opening performance at The King’s Theatre.

The Kelvin Hall and no Elephants.

Everyone has been to the Kelvin Hall in Glasgow.  I went there to the circus and the carnival when I was wee. Latterly when it became a sports venue, I covered many world sporting events there. I was worried about the building in case it got left behind. There is the great gym and the screen archive museum but the big space where I used to watch the elephants was a huge space to fill. Now it holds the fantastic  BBC Studiosworks with a huge 10500 sq ft studio , state of the art studio and sound equipment and really nice green and dressing rooms. It was a pleasure to cover the photography getting a first look inside.

The Scale of the Glasgow Cathedral

The scale of Glasgow Cathedral can really make you feel small…but not in a bad way. It is so huge and has been in existence for so long. It was erected somewhere between 1136 and 1484 so it is pretty old. We are a blink in its existence and looking up to that huge roof is breathtaking. I was there to cover The High School of Glasgow’s Commemoration and Thanksgiving Service. It was great to see the building filled with the students.

Time For a coffee

I am never one to refuse a coffee. So when an assignment came up to photograph Zander Fagerson of the Glasgow Warriors at Brillbeans, the west end of Glasgow’s first ever cereal bar, popped up at Black Pine Coffee on Great Western Road I jumped at the chance. The Glasgow Warriors and British and Irish Lions rugby star had swapped scrummaging for serving lattes at the for one-day- only pop-up cereal bar to mark the upcoming launch of Scotland’s newest broadband start-up.  Brillband had recently announced its sponsorship of Glasgow Warriors for the upcoming season ahead.

And Finally…The Last of the Summer Wine

September can sometimes have nicer weather than July. While on a wee working trip to Oban we had a lovely walk along the front on our way back to the hotel. The lovely colours, still water  and the nice light in the sky made for a lovely picture. It certainly added to the nice feeling after a couple of glasses of wine at the pizza restaurant on the pier. I think when the clocks go back and the winter nights come upon us these balmy September evenings will be just be just a memory.